The Extreme Biometrics system quantifies fatigue, allowing you to see the exact fatigue state of each athlete on any given day. Use this information as an objective reference point to adjust training or assist with team selection.


When comparing daily fatigue against training load, each athlete’s objective fatigue response to a particular training schedule is completely revealed. Understand objectively how certain training profiles affect each athlete’s stamina reserve. Use the power of quantification to calculate rates of fatigue and recovery for each athlete. Adjust training to ensure optimum performance potential for a pre-determined event or series of events.

daily measurements

Ideally athletes should be at or close to 100% of their personal maximum stamina reserve on race or match day. Any less and the potential to lose skills and endurance performance, particularly towards the end of the event, is much more likely. The NeuroZoid system gives you the ability to quantify and calculate the objective fatigue responses of your athletes, and allows you to compare all your athletes against eachother, to give you a truly objective view of fatigue across your organisation.